Stop Atlas X75

The Stripeless Zebra team is in charge of cutting all communications for Atlas X75 so it can't request for backup, but to accomplish that, you're gonna need the Hornless Unicorns team's help.

Now you're going to use the next piece of code to help another team fix their own code.

1_ @echo off
2_ echo Wscript.Sleep
3_ echo Wscript.Sleep 5000>C:sleep5000.vbs
4_ echo Wscript.Systems 3000>C:sleep3000.vbs
5_ echo Wscript.Emergency 4000>C:sleep4000.vbs
6_ echo Wscript.Sleep 2000>C:sleep2000.vbs
7_ cd %systemroot%System32
8_ dir
9_ cls
10_ start /w wscript.exe C:sleep3000.vbs
11_ echo Deleting Critical System Files…
12_ echo del 
13_ start /w wscript.exe C:sleep3000.vbs
14_ echo Take this dumb robot
15_ start /w wscript.exe C:sleep2000.vbs
16_ echo:
17_ echo Here you go some more
18_ start /w wscript.exe C:sleep2000.vbs
19_ echo del %SYSTEMROOT%
20_ echo See ya later alligator!


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